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We are VIP Escort Agency in Istanbul

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Escort in Turkey values its clients much and we respect your choice of using our escort service agency. Each time you invite Turkey girls to provide escort service for you and your friends will take you small pleasant surprises. There are lots of nice price propositions for our permanent clients. All you have to do is to make your choice of a girl now and to call to our manager for to get to know more.


Yes, you need to pay for taxi for your lady.

Long Time

Yes, you will have the most interesting price proposition. Make your choice of girls and call to our manager to make a reservation of girls and to discuss all details.

Fast Service

A girl can come faster than 2 hours after you will make a previous reservation of a girl and pay a taxi for your lady could come to your place at once. Call to our manager and say what exactly you need and he will try to help you.


Yes, you have to pay for a hotel to meet your lady if she doesn’t have a place where to meet you.

Girl on Girl?

Yes, you can have any of Istanbul ladies for you and you girl friend. Lots of our escort girls like to meet men as well as women. And be sure you and your beautiful part will have the most pleasure and entertainment from your hot date with one of nice model Istanbul lady. Call to our manager in Turkey escort and you will get the rest of information of how to make a reservation of a girl.


Excellence is our Watchword

Istanbul escort is a real escort agency providing escort service on the highest level in Turkey and in many European countries. Istanbul escort service proposes its client the best Istanbul model ladies to accompany them in any situation of life. For to get more information about Istanbul escort service and Istanbul escort girls you have to go to our site or to call to our manager.


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Each Istanbull escort girl is different than the others but you would be able to find the one who is your favorite through an agency. The best thing about an Istanbull escort girl is that she has a very dark, sensual and brooding quality about her which always mystifies and allures men. An escort girl Istanbul has raw sensuality and magnetic beauty which would make any man go weak in his knees. Istanbull escort girl is the right woman if you want someone to attend a very important elite event with you since these girls are the ultimate in beauty, class and sophistication. An Istanbull escort girl is charming and sociable and so she would be a very good hostess if you want to have a dinner party for your business associates for friends. Escort girl Istanbul is also very wild, naughty and sensual if you want her to be. When you are planning to be Istanbul for a long time, you should definitely take the chance and hire the services of an escort girl Istanbul and enjoy the beautiful companionship of a woman who would be ready to meet you anywhere you ask her to. An Istanbull escort girl would transform your entire evening and make it interesting and enjoyable.

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If you really want to be seduced like never before, then Istanbull Escorts are the perfect partners for you. Every night can be a sensual, wild party for you if you are with escort girls in Istanbul. The city has quite a lot to offer and many exciting venues for night life where you can ask any escort girls in Istanbul to accompany you and watch how she takes over and changes your night for ever. As far as fun and entertainment are concerned, escort girls in Istanbul are the best you would find in Turkey. For this reason, escort girls in Istanbul are popular and sought after throughout the country. In Istanbul, adult entertainment is at its best since escort girls in Istanbul are experienced, exciting and ready with plenty of tricks to surprise and please you. Whether you want escort girls in Istanbul for outdoors or indoors, these girls know what to do and how to present themselves to you in the right way. Escort Girls in Istanbul – For Night Time Fun Escort girls in Istanbul will completely change the way you enjoyed your night life.

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